Dress Code Enforced

  • No Sleeveless Shirts On Men
  • Pants Must Be Worn Around The Waist (NO SAGGING)
  • Over-sized Shirts Must Be Tucked In

Thank You For Your Patronage

Q:  What are your hours of operation?

A:  Monday thru Friday – 11:00am – 2:00pm

Wednesday thru Saturday – 6:00pm – 2:00am

Sunday – 12:00pm – 12:00am

Q:  What is the age limit at Southern Junction?

A:  Age limits and Requirements are subject to change during special events and concerts.

Everyone must have a valid form of I.D. To enter our establishment. no admittance without proper identification.

Concert nights the ages vary based on the concert.  Call Southern Junction for age limits set for each concert.

18 year old guests will no longer be required to have someone 21 & up to accept responsibility (hold over).

Guests age 17 and under will be asked to leave by 11 pm.

The exception is 17 year olds who are active or reserve duty with a DD 1173 (tan) or a DD 2 (green) military ID.

(2 minors per over 21 yr. old)

19 & 20 are allowed in by themselves with a valid ID

Q:  How do I make a reservation?

A:  Call anytime & leave a message if we don’t answer.  You will need to give 2 telephone numbers when booking. Please make sure that in making a reservation you have an accurate count of people for your party. We will call up to 3 times to confirm you reservation.

You can also email us at


Q:  What happens if I don’t confirm my reservation?

A:  If your reservation is not confirmed by 4 pm at the latest on the day of your reservation then you will not have a table for your party. We are known for booking up on Saturday nights so please make sure you confirm with your guest and with us.

Q:  Will I be charged for open seats at my table?

A:  There is a possibility that you may be charged for any open seats on your reservation. Please try to confirm how many guests you will be having. If you arrive and find that some people will not be making it tell your waitress about the open seats. Try to do this by 30 minutes after your reservation time.

Q: If I’m running late will you give away my table?

A: Tables will be held for 30 minutes after the reservation time not to exceed 9:20pm. If you will be late for your table please call in order to hold the table.

Q:  When is dinner served?

A:  6PM – 9:30PM

Snack bar is open all night long


Q:  Can I bring in my own food?

A:  NO outside food or beverages are permitted in the club with the exception of a cake.

Q:  What is admission price?

A:   Please give us a call for admission price information.

Prices differ depending on which evening  you are planning to come out.

Also, there are early bird specials on different nights.  Please call us.

Q:   Is dinner or anything else included in admission?

A:    No.  Any cover charge or concert ticket costs are only for admission.

Q:  Can I choose which seat I want?  I looked at your seating chart and I want a specific seat.

A:   Parties are seated in the order in which they are booked.  In other words, the sooner you make your reservations, the better the seats.  If you have a request for a certain area of the club, we will do our best to accommodate you.

When we have concerts, you are able to choose your seat.

Q:  When can I make reservations?

A:    Please call us anytime or email us at

Q:  What is the latest time I can set my reservation for?

A:  We do not book reservations for later than 9 PM.

Q:  How many people do your long tables hold?

A:  The long tables hold up to 30 people.

Q:  Do we have to have dinner to reserve a table?

A:  No, you can still reserve a table, dinner is not required. Please keep in mind that if we have a lot of people coming in for dinner your table may be used for those guests.

Q:  Can I reserve several tables even though I don’t know how many seats our party needs?

A:  We encourage any reservations however we do ask that you please be as accurate as possible about the number of people in your party.  This allows us to have tables set up in advance and properly estimate the number of dinners to prepare for that night (if you are having dinner).

If there are any changes you need to make between the time you book and the night of your reservation, please feel free to call us.

Q: What if we need a ride from Southern Junction?

A:  Uber & Lyft are able to pick you up.

Located 1/2 mile from the club is the Dart Station.